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About GCD

Looking closely now, I realize everyone in my family has a creative side to them - enough so to start an artistic revolution! So here I am with my artist genes - this combined with being born a Pisces is definitely a recipe for creativity. Maybe growing up in Buffalo, NY will force people to get creative during the winter months - is that where it stems from?

I remember being little and making string bracelets with a friend, selling them and always thinking of ways to go bigger. I was also a bit of a recycler from a young age; Always wanting to help out and be the one to turn in the bottles and cans at the grocery store.

When I was 11 years old my parents decided they had had enough of the long winter and moved us down to South Florida. It was here that I was introduced to the "art show" - There was one down the street that we would attend annually and I would walk around dreaming about being an artist myself one day; I wasn't sure what I would create, but knew from then on that the artist's life was for me.

As a teen, I loved magazines and paper art - cutting them, pasting them, putting them all over my bedroom walls. I started covering objects and canvas, learning origami, taking art classes - I was hooked.

When I was able to, I started working at a local art gallery. I was submerged into the art world and fell completely in love. To be surrounded by handmade art, work with people who were just as enamored as I was and learn the business was so beneficial to me and made me realize what I had to do. I always knew I would find my place in the creative field. Through trial and error I finally found what worked for me and from there it grew into Green Cycle Designs. Now at 34 years old, I've finally arrived. My first official art show that I participated in was in fact that first show that I attended as a child - I've come full circle.

Green Cycle Designs is my passion, my creative outlet and my ever-evolving inspiration.

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